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Job: [Teach For Japan] Openings in Development, Recruitment, Training and Mentoring (Tokyo)

[Steve’s Note:  Some very interesting and JET-relevant job openings with Teach for Japan received directly from the organization. (The listing is in Japanese because a high level of proficiency is required to work there.) Thanks to AJET Chair Kay Makishi for putting TFJ in touch with JETwit.

A little background in English: “We currently have a small team running the program, and we hope to expand the team as our operations expand moving forward. As does Teach For America, we send full-time teachers for at least two years to the most needy schools in Japan.”

“We are looking to hire folks for
1) Development (fundraising)
2) Recruiting of teachers
3) Developing the teacher training and support program and
4) Supporting teachers as a full-time mentor.”

Here’s the website: See the job listing below.]

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【Teach For Japan職員採用情報】
特定非営利活動法人Teach For Japanでは、わたしたちと一緒に事業を支える仲間を募集しています。
·  日本の教育を変えていくことに興味のある方
·  小規模ベンチャーで働くことに興味がある方
·  日本にいながらも、国際色の強い団体で働きたい方
….は、是非job @ teachforjapan.orgまでお問い合わせ下さい!

・渉外、ファンドレイジングマネージャー (職務記述書参照


・採用担当マネージャー (職務記述書参照

 Teach For Japanの教員の採用、選考を担当します

・研修開発ディレクター (職務記述書参照

 Teach For Japanのプログラムの核となる、教員の赴任前研修、週末研修、サポ ート体制のデザイン、企画を担当します

・プログラムマネージャー (職務記述書参照

 Teach For Japanの教員約15名のマネジャー業務を担当します


PS A little additional info about Teach For Japan, from a Jan 23, 2014 Japan Times article.  I realize this isn’t a job listing, but I think it could have career implications for JETs and JET alumni down the road and is just interesting in general:

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