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Job: [IMMEDIATE] Japanese-speaking Web Designer at APCO Worldwide (DC)

Thanks to JETAA DC President Leigh Ann Mastrini for sharing this opening at the company where she works. Posted by blogger and podcaster Jon Dao (Toyama-ken, 2009-12)Click here to join the JETwit Jobs Google Group and receive job listings even sooner by email.



Below is the strategic brief for a one-off project to design a website for one of APCO’s clients based in Japan. If you are interested, please contact Leigh Ann Mastrini (Hyogo-ken, 2006 – 2008/JETAADC President) with your name and existing portfolio if you have one. Previous experience in designing for Japanese companies and Japanese websites is preferred.

Client: APCO Worldwide

Project Name: Tsunami Video Stories site

Contact: lmastrini @ apcoworldwide.com


Primary Audience(s): Japanese citizens

Secondary Audience(s): Policy Makers

Goal/Call-to-Action: Provide a platform for citizens to memorialize in film what happened to them in the tsunami and how it affected their lives.

Key Message: The stories of the tsunami deserve to be remembered, including the tremendous efforts an heroic acts that followed the disaster.

Supporting Messages:

Tone: Catharsis, commemoration, recognition, respect, interactive (Maybe Ted.com meets hollowdocumentary.com)

Scope of Work

1 comps of a homepage with video playing and one without.

Review: 1 rd of edits to 1 of the selected comps

Key Assumptions:

Video will be FPO

UX will be provided

Content will be provided in Japanese


Comp v1 to APCO: 2/7/14

Feedback to designer: 2/8

Final comps to APCO: 2/10

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