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Posted by  Celine Castex (Chiba-ken, 2006-11), currently programme coordinator at CLAIR Tokyo.

CLAIR is currently in the process of revising and updating the Teaching Material Collection, a compilation of teaching resources from current and formeTeaching Materials Collectionr JET participants. We are interested in collecting activity reports for our new section on Special Needs Schools from current and past JET participants. We are looking for original ideas for activities which you have used in your classes and which you feel could be effectively used in other JET participants’ classrooms for special needs students.

Please describe and outline your activity in accordance to the following format when filling out each section.

Activity Title
Submitted by: [Write your first and last name here.]
Contracting Organisation: [Put the name of your current/past contracting organisation.]
Target Group: [e.g. “ES 5th year,” “JHS,” etc.]
Target Disability Group: [Visually impaired students, Hearing impaired students, Health impaired students]
Difficulty Level: [Fundamentals: alphabet, colors, simple sentences, etc.; Basic Conversation: simple dialogue, direction giving, etc.; Conversational: attempting actual, guided conversation on a given topic; Other: to be precised, etc.]
Activity Objective: [Write the goal of this activity. Example: “To practice asking and giving directions.”
Procedure: [Explain the activity in clear and concise terms.]
Materials and Preparation: [List the materials needed for the activity and how they are to be prepared and used.]
Division of Roles for JET and JTE: [Write what the JET should be responsible for doing and what the JTE should be responsible for doing in terms of preparation and execution of the activity.]
Suggestions and Advice: [Write any practical tips or advice you may have for making the activity run more smoothly and effectively. Also, if you have any troubleshooting advice, please write it here.]

Finally, if you have any handouts which accompany your activity, feel free to include those in your submission.

Please send your activity reports to c-castex{@}clair.or.jp by Friday, 19 July 2013.

Thank you in advance for your enthusiasm and help in improving the quality of this important resource!

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