Jan 10

Pacific Northwest JETAA Newsletter seeks submissions by January 16

Via Pacific Northwest JETAA:

Fellow JET Alums,

In two weeks’ time, our annual newsletter will be going to proverbial print. You’ll be able to read about all the things PNWJETAA has been up to this past year, as well as get a forecast for the future. Last year, we added a new column called “Haikus From You and Short Stories.” We welcomed poetry (haiku or other), stories, and photographs from JET Alums. We got a bunch of good haikus, several entertaining tales, and some neat photos.

We welcome you to submit your creative work again this year. If you are sitting on stories, poems, or pictures, send them our way. Simply reply here. We’d love to showcase your creative work. Please submit all materials by next Wednesday, January 16th.
If you have any questions, let us know. If you’re in need of inspiration, here’s a haiku from Matsuo Bashou’s The Narrow Road to the Deep North:
The first poetic venture
I came across —
The rice-planting songs
Of the far north.
Happy 2013,
PS – In case you missed the newsletter last year, here you go: 2012 PNWJETAA Newsletter 

Brett Rawson
Newsletter Coordinator
JETAA USA – Pacific Northwest Chapter
E: newsletter@pnwjetaa.org

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