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Education Opportunity: Scholarship for Teacher Training (via, pnwjetaa) 03.22.12

Program Overview:
An intensive training program in teaching Chinese or Japanese will be held this summer (2012) at Portland State University in Oregon. The Chinese & Japanese Teacher Training Institute is an intensive course for current language teachers or those who plan to enter the field. The program provides the foundation for future instructors to teach their language and gives substantial tools to current teachers to reinforce and strengthen their programs. It is a hands-on course, and effective methodology in teaching Chinese and Japanese to North Americans is emphasized over a theoretical analysis of the language.

Ginger Marcus, Washington University in St. Louis, serves as the program’s academic director and director of Japanese teacher training; Haohsiang Liao, Ohio State University, is director of Chinese teacher training. Additional faculty include Wan-Chen Chen (Ohio State), Sanae Eda (Middlebury), Masa Itomitsu (Linfield), Cornelius Kubler (Williams), Mari Noda (Ohio State), Misumi Sadler (Illinois), and Yongfang Zhang (Wofford). Patricia Wetzel (Portland State University) is On-Site Executive Director.

There is an 8 Week Program and a 4 Week Program.
 Dates: June 18 – August 10, 2012.

Credits: 16 Credits

Tuition: Estimated $5,000 for in-state students; $8,500 for out-of-state student. Substantial scholarship support available.

For more details on the course and registration information please visit the ALLEX Website:

Administered by the ALLEX Foundation (Thomas Mason Jr., Executive Director) with the Consortium for Chinese and Japanese Teacher Training (Cornell University, Ohio State University, Portland State University, and Washington University in St. Louis)

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