Mar 16

International Educator magazine article remembers Monty and Taylor

Thanks to JETAA Music City’s Terry Vo (Kumamoto-ken, 2007-09) and JETAA Northern California’s Peter Weber (Saitama-ken, 2004-07) (both of whom work as JET Coordinators at their local Consulates) for sharing this excellent International Educator magazine article (Overcoming Chaos“)about the various ways the Tohoku disaster affected a variety of international education programs, including the JET Program.  The writer does a nice job of capturing the spirit and essence of Monty Dickson and Taylor Anderson towards the end of the article, and what we lost when we lost them.

Here’s the link to the article (PDF):

Notably, the article also quotes JET alum Kate Maruyama who is the Japan programs manager for CET Academic Programs in Washington, D.C.  And it indicates that Ashley Mar, the UC Santa Barbara biology student who happened to be studying abroad at Tohoku Biology University on 3/11 and was required to return to the U.S. despite her desire to stay, is now applying for the JET Program.

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