Feb 8

Miyagi AJET to host Feb 17 “Cultures United” event to promote multiculturalism in Miyagi

Thanks to Andy Anderson for sharing this information originally sent by Miyagi AJET Co-President Cameron Peek regarding an upcoming Miyagi AJET event:

“On February 17th we will be holding “Cultures United,” an event promoting multiculturalism in Miyagi, and advertising the efforts of foreign members of the community towards helping rebuild after the earthquake.  JET participants are going to be a big focus of the event, and about 10-11 JETs are going to be assisting, putting on booths about their activities in the prefecture. We are also planning on having a display about Taylor Anderson, telling her story.”

Notably, the event will feature JET alum Maynard Plant’s (Aomori-ken, 1997-2000) hit band Monkey Majik.

Note:  Because the event is intended for Japanese residents, all information produced for the event is in Japanese only.


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