Jan 11

The MEF and JET Programs in US-Japan Relations by Michael Green

Here’s an article titled The MEF and JET Programs in US-Japan Relations(PDF) recently published in the CLAIR Newsletter (in both English and Japanese) and written by  Michael Green, former Director of Asian Affairs for the National Security Council during the Bush Administration and currently a Japan policy expert in D.C.  Michael was a Monbusho English Fellow (MEF), the forerunner to the JET Programme.

Article link:  http://www.clair.or.jp/j/forum/forum/pdf_267/10_jet02.pdf

Here’s an excerpt:

“I was authorized to chair a special committee of the top Japan experts from the State, Defense, Treasury, the CIA, Commerce and USTR. Each agency would designate its own representative. When we first gathered in the Old Executive Office Building and introduced ourselves, we came to an intriguing realization. Every official around the room but one had either been an MEF, a JET or a Mansfield Fellow. We had lived in small towns and cities all across Japan. We could have conducted the entire meeting in Japanese.”


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