Dec 9

By Filmore Ha (Ibaraki-ken, 2006-08), a graduate of Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Arkansas. Filmore continues to live and work in the Greater Tokyo Area and is webmaster for JETAA Tokyo.

UPDATE: Added an additional news item.

Good evening from Saitama! I’d had several things circulate my way recently so here we are with another Jet News Roundup.

  1. PR Event for Food Produced in Fukushima Prefecture (Japanese)
    JET alum Greg Beck posted a story to  JETAANY’s Facebook wall about a PR event held in New York to promote food produced in Fukushima Prefecture.  Due to the accident and ongoing issues at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, sales of Fukushima-ken produced food stuffs has decreased considerably.  Over 200 people were invited to the event and among the foods presented were roast beef prepared with salt produced in Fukushima and Fukushima produced sake, among others.
  2. AJET Announces TEFL Scholarship Winners
    Via JETAAUSA, on Nov. 29th AJET announced this year’s TEFL Scholarship winners from its AJET Outstanding Educator’s Program.  This year’s winners are Emily Johnson and Meredith Smith. Congratulations to both accomplished teachers.

    Both winners demonstrated outstanding activities not only in teaching, but in spreading the values of the JET program and internationalization in their communities.

  3. Remembering a Very Different Dec. 7th
    JET Alum Graham Shelby written an essay for the Courier Journal recounting his experience in Japan and how it affected his perspective on Pearl Harbor and its legacy.  The essay is a wonderful read and I’m sure that many past and current JETs can connect with it on many levels, so go give it a read!
  4. Welcome Back Reception in Portland for Oregonian JETs 
    On Nov. 17th the Consulate General of Japan in Portland held a welcome back reception for returning Oregon JETs.
  5. Anime USA Charity Auction Raises Over $3000
    This year Anime USA raised over $3000 through its annual charity auction benefiting the Taylor Anderson ’04 Memorial Gift Fund.

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