Dec 5

By Filmore Ha (Ibaraki-ken, 2006-08), a graduate of Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Arkansas. Filmore continues to live and work in the Greater Tokyo Area and is webmaster for JETAA Tokyo.

JET has made headlines quite a bit over the past several weeks, so today we’re going to do a roundup in the first ever JET News Roundup!

  1. Japan to offer donations to alma maters of U.S. Jet disaster victims
    The Japan Foundation stated it will be offering US $100,000 annually over five years to the alma maters of Taylor Anderson and Montgomery Dickson.  In addition, the foundation is working with each school on projects in memory of both victims.
  2. Japan shows world it is safe with help of JET teachers
    Current JETs such as Sean Dowty (featured in this article) as well as former JETs as are seen as crucial in rebuilding world wide trust in Japan as a safe destination for tourists.
  3. On Nov. 24th the Asahi Shinbun released a short article about former CIR William McMichael who now works at Fukushima University and his efforts to recruit international students here.  The article is in Japanese, so get out your dictionaries! asahi-shinbun-william-mcmichael-jet-news
  4. Woman pitches in for Japanese tsunami relief
    Canadian community website posted an article about former Shiogama ALT Tanya Gardecky who went door to door raising funds for tsunami relief following news of the 3/11 disaster.
  5. TV Japan posted a video prior to Thanksgiving highlighting the JET Welcome Back Reception in New York.  The video, which is in Japanese, is can be accessed via the TV Japan video archive.
  6. Mockridge returns to visit quake-, tsunami-ravaged Japan
    Bay Area Mercury News posted a great article about Alan Mockridge, a former ALT from the UK, highlighting his activities in disaster relief following the 3/11 disaster, as well as the events leading up to his return to Iwate Prefecture to visit his former school.  This article is a great example of the relationships and special ties that result from participation on JET.

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