Jul 28

JET alum Congressional candidate to assume post at Mansfield Foundation previously held by JET alum

The below announcement was recently sent out by JET alum David Boling, former U.S. Attorney who ran for Congress in Arkansas in the Democratic primary in the last election.  David will be the new Deputy Executive Director of the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation which, among other things, manages the Mike Mansfield Fellowship Program, a Congressionally established professional exchange for mid-level federal government employees.

Notably, the position was previously held for 16 years by JET alum Paige Cottingham-Streater who recently was appointed Executive Director of the Japan-US Friendship Commission, a federal agency that provides grants for research, training and exchange with Japan.  Paige, who was one of the founders of the JET Alumni Association in 1989, also recently spoke at the JETAA USA National Conference in Washington, D.C. on a panel moderated by former Monbusho English Fellow (i.e., pre-JET) Michael Green who previously served as special assistant to the president for national security affairs and senior director for Asian affairs at the National Security Council (NSC) from January 2004 to December 2005.

Here’s the announcement:

Dear Friends

First, I want to tell you how much I appreciate your support for my race for Congress in 2010. Your friendship and trust is something I treasure. I truly love Arkansas and want to do all that I can to serve the great people of Arkansas.

As you know I have been considering another run for U.S. Congress in 2012. It would have been a difficult race, but I believe that I could have won. I believe that the Second District is winnable for the Democratic Party in 2012.  Another opportunity, however, has been offered to me that I feel is right for me and my family at this time.

Today I am excited to tell you that I have accepted a position with the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation as Deputy Executive Director.  The Foundation, based in Washington DC, is a nonprofit organization that promotes understanding and cooperation among the nations and peoples of Asia and the U.S.  One of my responsibilities will be to oversee the Mansfield Fellows.  You may remember that I was a Mansfield Fellow earlier in my career.

During my campaign for Congress at one of the candidate debates I was asked to name my political hero.  I responded that two people are my political heroes:  Vic Snyder and Mike Mansfield.  Everyone knew Vic Snyder.  Fewer knew Mike Mansfield.

Mike Mansfield was a miner from Montana who after serving in World War II finished high school and then college.  With the support of his wonderful wife,
Maureen, he went on to serve in the U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate.  He was the Senate Majority Leader from 1961-1977 and was U.S. Ambassador to Japan for both Presidents Carter and Reagan.  He died in 2001 at the age of 98.

I had the good fortune to work for Vic Snyder for nearly three years and now I am delighted to have the chance to work for the foundation that honors Maureen and Mike Mansfield’s legacy.

My family and I are embarking on a new adventure in our lives.  We promise to stay in touch and we ask that you do the same.

Thank you again for everything.

All the best,


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