Jul 19

Thanks to Matt Gillam of CLAIR NY for forwarding this on.


Apparently two Shiga JETs covered the two kilometers between Moriyama and Otsu in a little over an hour to raise approximately300,000 yen. Based on the katakana, I believe their names are Dusty Wittman and Roxy Borowska. (Thanks to Katie Jardine for the name correction!)


ペットボトル船で琵琶湖横断 震災孤児への募金呼びかけ


挑戦したのは米国出身のダスティ・ウイットマンさん(30)と英国出身のロキシィ・ボロウスカさん(26)。守山市から対岸の大津市まで約2キロを 1時間 余りで横断した。米国では募金を求める「本気度」をパフォーマンスで示すことが多いといい、ALTの仲間や高校生らとペットボトルを集めて準備。2人は 「大好きな日本の子どものため、思いを行動で示したかった」と話す。


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  • Katie Jardine Said on July 19th, 2011 at 11:35 am:

    Their names are Dusty Whitman and Roxy Borowska, actually.

  • Dusty Wittman Said on July 31st, 2011 at 11:15 pm:

    Thank you so much for publishing this article! As of the day of the event, we raised 300,000yen of our $5,000 goal. As of right now, we have raised $8,000!!!! Smashing our goal and greatly helping Tohonku’s orphan children. We will continue to collect donations as long as people wish to give. Roxy and I are so thankful for all our friends, family, and strangers who have been so generously supporting our project.
    Thank you all,
    Dusty Wittman

    P.S. Small name correction, Whitman –> Wittman. お願いします。

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