Mar 29

Tsunami Reflections by Iwate JET Alum

Renay Loper (ALT, Iwate 2006-2007) is a freelance writer and international education professional currently seeking FT opportunities. Visit her at Atlas In Her Hand

Although a couple of weeks have passed since the disaster, each day seems to bring a new struggle to Japan, and more importantly, the people. If you are anything like me, events like this humbly (and sadly) have a way of putting things into perspective – we just never know what the next minute, hour, or day has in store for us.

All it takes is one second.

Place In My Heart
Be ready. It is not known what the universe has in store for you within the next year…month…week…day…hour. Realistically, life changes in an instant. A lot of time is not needed for anything to happen – good or bad.

All too often it takes that instant of something happening to put things into perspective – whether it be a birth, a death, a natural or man-made disaster, a proclamation of “you are now man and wife”, a car accident, a revelation of infidelity…or well, you get the point. We just never know what is around the corner.

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