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The Encounter

Renay Loper (ALT, Iwate 2006-2007) is a freelance writer and international education professional currently seeking FT opportunities.

As we watch the news…check our emails…and receive phone calls and updates about what is happening in Japan daily, I am sure that images and fond memories of our time there flood our minds. Our hope, prayers, and positive energies remain with our friends, families, colleagues, and fellow JETs still in Japan.

I wanted to share a positive note and reflection that I wrote during my time as an ALT in Iwate. In the least, I hope I can incite a smile.

Enticed by your beauty and charm.  My interest was peaked from the first time I heard about you…only in passing.

“I’ve got to meet her”.

I willingly left my land behind.  Blindly following your majestic legend.  Your mystery captivated me.  I was led like a shy schoolgirl following a strange hand offering a piece of candy.

Not knowing where my decision would land me, I went.

Greeted by the rising sun, and the setting smiles. You hugged me. I hugged back.

I was consumed by your culture and charm.  Your fickle mind left me unarmed.  Your questioning eyes stare at me.

Piercing my being.

I want to give you my all.  Share with you everything that I am.  I am nervous.  Borderline afraid. I am forced to ask myself, “why?”  You have shared with me the intricacies of your history.  Your timeless culture has embraced me.

Surely I can do the same.

Greeted by a room full of your children My worries are trumped, to return no more. You have welcomed me unconditionally.

To you, Lady Japan, I say thank you.

Published 2007 JET Journal

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