Mar 14

Via Fukui JET Mike Maher-King of Smile Kids Japan:

Update: Here’s the link to the Google spreadsheet where you can start inputting any info you gather:

AJET and Smile Kids Japan are working on some procedures to help foreigners living in Japan volunteer at the earthquake sites.  They need JET alums with good Japanese>English ability to look through prefecture websites and find the information about prefectural volunteer groups plus, if easily available, volunteer forms. (This might best done through internet searches using < prefecture name + 東北地方地震災害ボランティア >)

CONTACT:  smilekidsjapan [at], cc: activities [at]

An example of what we are looking for for every prefecture is this



Application form

Complete form and mail to

Once gathered, this information is going to be distributed through block reps, facebook, twitter etc to all the jets and hopefully lots of non jets that want to help so it has to be accurate.


–AJET & Smile Kids Japan


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  • Brun Said on March 18th, 2011 at 3:12 am:


    I am French, living in Japan for years and speaking Japanese fluently.
    I would like to help people in Tohoku and I am ready to volunteer,

    Could you please indicate some possibilities?


    Marc-Aurele Brun

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