Jan 16

JETAA Chicago site posts link to JetWit

Thanks to JETAA Chicago for including a link to JetWit on its “Resources” page:


And a request to other JETAA chapters to include a link to JetWit somewhere on your chapter websites.  (Feel free to use the JetWit mascot image as well.)

Here’s the list of other JETAA chapters that have included a link to JetWit so far:

Also, a reminder that all content on JetWit may be used by JETAA chapters and any other official JET-related organizations (e.g., AJET) on their websites, in their emails & newsletters, etc.  No permission necessary.  Just copy and paste.  (Or link.  Whatever makes your job easiest.)

Special thanks to Sam Lederer (Shizuoka-ken, 2005-07) for gathering the info.  If your chapter has a link to JetWit, e-mail sam [at] jetwit.com and let us know.

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