Dec 9

Write for JETAA Pacific Northwest e-Newsletter

Via JETAA Pacific Northwest:

JETAA PNW is beginning to put together our first Electronic Newsletter to distribute early next year.  As we are now printing with electrons, we have loads of extra pages we can layout for you this year. (Desktop publishing based humor!?!  Anyone?  Bueller? Bueller? )

We welcome any submissions of pretty much anything related to JET, Japan, your experience on the program or with the alumni group.  This can come in many forms, such as pictures, poetry, restaurant reviews for those of missing the taste of home: really the sky is the limit!

Please send any submissions to media [at]  Questions?  Send em’ that way too.  Written submissions can be up to about 500 words, but we’re pretty flexible.

Submissions prior to December 20th greatly appreciated, but late-arrivals are A-OKAY! (I just can’t guarantee they will get in)

Yours in Electron Printing, Web-site-ing, and Tree-Skiing (VIVA LA NINA!)

Ben Erickson
PNWJETAA Media Coordinator

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