Nov 13

Via Dan Dooher (Akita-ken, 2006-10):

After reading your most recent JetWit Diary post, I wanted to share with you something Akita Prefecture has just recently started:

The Prefecture’s International Affairs Division is trying to reconnect Akita JET alumni and study abroad students with the prefecture via a bi-monthly newsletter called, “Akita Global Network.”

In the International Affairs Division’s own words:

“The project hopes to reach people who have left Akita to both maintain connections to Akita and elevate overseas awareness of our prefecture. We are planning to issue “Akita Global Network Newsletter” bi-monthly. Please enjoy it with your friends and family.”

If there are other former JET alums out there from Akita interested in receiving this pdf newsletter, please contact the International Affairs Division at:

The newsletter welcomes submissions from alumni as well.

Dan also wondered if any other prefectures are doing something similar.  If you are aware of any similar efforts, please email  Yoroshiku!

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