Sep 6

JET ROI: JETAA Rajio Taiso

JETAA Portland is getting ready to make a video of a group of its members doing NHK Rajio Taiso (radio exercises) in Portland’s Japanese Gardens on September 8.  And it’s hoping to inspire other JET Alumni chapters to do the same in front of their respective landmarks.  The goal is to aggregate all of the videos into one big video that shows JET alumni doing Rajio Taiso all over the U.S. and, preferably, the world.

While the idea takes a lighthearted approach, it will also help symbolically demonstrate to Japan’s population how JET alumni everywhere are and have been promoting and spreading Japanese culture around the world.

For more information, or to submit your own video, you can contact JETAA Portland’s webmaster Bob Schnyder at or go to:

And if you have no idea what Rajio Taiso is (or you just need a little dose of natsukashii) here’s a video:

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