May 25

There’s a nice mention of JetWit in a recent post on The Wide Island View–The JET Programme Newsletter of Hiroshima Prefecture.  (  Glad to see that word awareness of JetWit is on the rise among current JETs.  Especially since it’s intended to be a helpful resource with the transition, and due to Japanese privacy laws it’s relatively difficult to get contact information to reach out to current JETs.

JetWit is also thrilled to find out that such a beautiful website of a prefectural newsletter even exists.  It’s definitely worth a visit for the articles as well as for the easy-on-the-eyes layout.  And they even pay tribute to the past, posting links to the PDF versions of newsletters past, before everything moved to the web.

By the way, if there are any other prefectural newsletter websites out there, please contact JetWit and let us know so we can post links to you guys.

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  • Joshua Zimmerman Said on May 27th, 2009 at 6:56 am:

    You’re completely welcome. We’re working hard to get the three years worth of back issues online as quickly as possible, but its taking a bit of time. We’re always looking for writers for both the online and pdf versions of the Wide Island View, so don’t be shy!

    Joshua Zimmerman, co editor & webpage guru

    Also, give us a link on the side of your page JetWit! Show us some love!

  • jetwit Said on May 27th, 2009 at 8:12 am:

    @Josh – Yatta yo. You think I’m going to neglect a great JET-related website? The Wide Island View has an rss feed in the sidebar. And I added a link to it on the JETAA Newsletters page too. If you want to feature occasional WIV articles on JetWit, we can collaborate to make that happen too. Just get in touch. jetwit at jetwit dot com

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