May 20

Books: “Sake’s Hidden Stories” by JET alum John Gauntner

sakeshiddenJET alum John Gauntner (a/k/a “The Sake Guy”) has just announced the publication of his new e-book, Sake’s Hidden Stories:  The Personalities, Philosophies & Tricks of the Trade Behind the Brew.

From John’s Sake World Newsletter:

Sake’s Hidden Stories will give you a view to what goes on in the sake industry behind the brew we all love so much. The book goes into stories much deeper than the information we most commonly encounter; way beyond simply what ginjo-shu is, what junmai-shu is, or what the role of koji is. You will learn about the personalities behind the sake. You will see in just how much detail some brewers make sake, and how each is different in where importance is placed. And most significantly, something that has not been written about in any book on sake in English, you will meet more than a dozen brewers, and encounter their personalities. You’ll see what makes them tick, what drives them in their work, and how their histories and idiosyncrasies affect the sake they brew.

John, by the way, was the featured speaker in last night’s Annual Sake Tasting and Lecture at Japan Society in New York.

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