Apr 7

Recent publications by JET alum Michael Auslin

Two recent publications by JET alum Michael Auslin, a professor of Japanese history and politics and currently the Director of Japanese Studies for the American Enterprise Institute in D.C.

The Sick Man of Asia
Posted Date: Monday, April 6, 2009
It might not be possible for Tokyo to maintain the type of global role it has played so far.  If that happens, the world may finally understand just how vital that role was.  http://www.aei.org/publication29667

Can Japan Thrive–or Survive?

Posted Date: Monday, April 6, 2009
Despite its political sclerosis, economic stagnation, and demographic worries, Japan is a resilient nation that has much to contribute to the world.  http://www.aei.org/publication29666

Michael will also be moderating a panel on Tuesday, April 14 at the AEI offices in Washington, D.C. on the topic of “Are Alliances Enough: The Role of the U.S.-Japanese Alliance in Maritime Asia.”   The panel is part of an all-day conference titled Protecting the Seas:  Maritime Security in the Asia Pacific, America’s Interests, and Asia’s Future.

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