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Japan America Society Round-up 4.7.09

Current Hiroshima-ken JET Gail Meadows shines a light on the upcoming events of various Japan America Societies…

JAS of Chicago

  • Program on HR Issues for Japanese-owned companies – Are you an HR professional working for or with a Japanese-owned company? If so, this program is for you. It’s called “Surviving the Economic Downturn: Human Capital Strategies for Japanese-Owned Companies.” Learn about the economic challenges facing Japan and America today and what they mean to you as an HR professional. This program will focus on the cultural expectations of workers and management in Japanese-owned companies. It also will explore the impact of U.S. labor laws for companies that are working to cut their employee-related expenses or restructure their U.S. workforce.

JAS of Oregon

  • Free Lectures at Portland State University – The JAS of Oregon invites members to attend two free lectures at Portland State University by Dr. Donald Keene, an American scholar of Japanese literature. The first lecture, “World War II Diaries by Japanese Writers”, will be on Thursday, April 16 at 7 p.m. in the Native American Center, Room 110. The second, “Behind the Scenes with Mishima Yukio; A Conversation with Donald Keene”, will be on Friday, April 17 at noon in Smith Memorial Student Union, Rooms 327 and 328. For more information: http://www.jaso.org/Keene_2009.doc

JAS of Colorado

  • Concert by Masakazu Ito – The JAS of Colorado invites members to enjoy a music program featuring guitar masterworks, including the Grand Solo by Fernando Sor, Sonatina by Frederico Moreno Torroba, Koyunbaba by Carlo Domeniconi, Collectici Intim by Vincente Asencio, Sakura by Yuquijiro Yocoh, and La Catedral by Agustin Barrios. Tickets are $35 and include post-concert wine and hors d’oeuvre reception at the Mary Williams Art Gallery.
    • Date: Saturday, April 18
    • Time: 7 p.m.
    • Place: The Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder
    • For more information: http://www.thedairy.org

JAS of Pennsylvania

  • Furoshiki Workshop – Have you ever considered how much trash you produce with gift wrap? Or plastic bags? Shopping bags alone account for 2 million tons of garbage each year in the U.S. Subtract yourself from that statistic by attending this workshop about how furoshiki, a square piece of wrapping cloth traditionally used in Japan for carrying things, can be used to cut down on the amount of trash you produce. The workshop will explore the history of the colorful cloths, examine other cultures that use similar “green” wrapping methods and show how furoshiki can express personality through design and color. Cost is $20.

Does your Japan America Society have an upcoming event you’d like to share with JetWit readers? Let us know by emailing Gail Meadows the info.

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