Feb 25

JQ Magazine: Winter 2009 “New Issue” of JETAA NY Quarterly Magazine Now Online!


Otsukare sama deshita to Justin Tedaldi (CIR Kobe-shi, 2001-02), the new editor of JQ, JETAA NY’s Quarterly Magazine, for putting out the first issue of the Magazine.  And what an amazing issue it is.

Go to http://jetaany.org/magazine to see the issue online.

Here’s the table of contents:


  • Page 3…..Letter From the Editor
  • Page 4…..Nippon News Blotter
  • Page 5…..JETAAnnouncements
  • Page 6…..East Meets West
  • Page 7…..Nihonjin in New York Featuring the JLGC by Junko Ishikawa
  • Page 8…..JETlog by Sean Sakamoto
  • Page 9…..JetWit.com Q&A with Steven Horowitz
  • Page 9…..Catching Up with Randall David Cook by Lyle Sylvander
  • Page 10…Youth for Understanding by Sylvia Pertzborn
  • Page 11…Theatre Review: Shogun Macbeth / John Briggs Q&A by Olivia Nilsson and Adren Hart
  • Page 12…Speakit LLC: Kevin Kajitani Interview by Junko Ishikawa
  • Page 13…Jero: The JQ Interview by Justin Tedaldi
  • Page 14…Joost!: Japanese TV on Your PC by Rick Ambrosio
  • Page 15…Film Review: Sukiyaki Western Django by Elizabeth Wanic
  • Page 16…An Inside Look at Japan Airlines by Kelly Nixon
  • Page 17…Japan Society’s Best of Tora-san Series by Matt Matysik
  • Page 18…Chip Kidd Talks Bat-Manga! by Justin Tedaldi
  • Page 19…Book Corner: Natsuo Kirino’s Real World by David Kowalsky
  • Page 19…Restaurant Spotlight: Wajima by Allen Wan
  • Page 20…Adventures in SwirlySwirlDates by Rick Ambrosio and Nicole Bongiorno
  • Page 21…Yosakoi Dance Project by Kirsten Phillips
  • Page 22…The Tale of Eric and Ozawa by Rick Ambrosio
  • Page 23…Top 14 List / Next Issue / Sponsors Index

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