Feb 12

The JetWit Business Model?

“What is the JetWit business model?” some of you may have wondered.

Shoujiki ni itte, JetWit isn’t earning any income as of yet per se at the moment technically speaking (with the exception from a one-time paid ad placed by Interac).

But that doesn’t mean that JetWit doesn’t want to, or can’t, earn any income.  The site and community is certainly providing value in various ways, including helping a number of people to find work opportunities.  It has access to terrific writing and translating talent.  And given that JET alumni chapters are primarily focused on their own regions, JetWit is essentially the only channel for reaching JET alumni (i.e., a targeted audience of educated, Japan-savvy types) all across the U.S. as well as abroad.

With so much going for it, it seems like one would have to be a baka to not have JetWit generating dollars (or yen).  Since that’s exactly the case, however, there is some comfort in realizing that much larger entities struggle with the same issue of trying to earn income while giving away something for free.  At least according to my brother Greg who has over 10 years of online marketing experience.

In his post on The Digitalists titled Free* (or, how to give away the store without giving away the store), Greg comments on Wired editor Chris Anderson’s new book Free and a possible direction the traditional model of content provider-advertiser-consumer may be shifting.

The short post is well worth a read for everyone trying to figure out how to navigate the shifting business world (which I think includes most recent JET returnees as well as numerous alums).

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