Feb 10

Know a Newsletter Editor: Mark Frey – JETAA Northern California

Mark Frey (Kumamoto-ken, 2002-06) has served as the Newsletter Editor for JETAA Northern California since 2007.  But how did he find himself in this position?  And what else do we know about this man who has been entrusted not only with JETAA NC’s news needs but with with responsibility for a small child as well?  JETAA Chicago’s Elizabeth Friedman (profiled in the previous edition of Know a Newsletter Editor) decided to get to the bottom of things, and this is what she learned.

Residence: Beautiful Lake Merritt neighborhood of Oakland, California

Job: Marketing Manager, MIG, Inc.

What he does all day at work: Write proposals, dream about Japan

How he found his job: Website for the Society for Marketing Professional Services (professional society for my field of work)

Job he would really like to be doing: Teaching!

First job after JET: Marketing Manager, MIG, Inc.

How he ended up as the Newsletter Editor: Was asked at a weak moment after about the 5th kanpai at a JETAA shinnenkai.

Favorite thing about California: The beautiful nature.

What he misses about Japan: My students, the people in my town, Aso mountain range, Kumamoto tonkotsu ramen, onsen!

What he does when he needs a Japan fix: Chats with the “master” of Ichiro sushi restaurant, who’s from Kyushu; Any JETAA activity!

Favorite outdoor activity: Hiking!

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