Dec 9

JETAA Book Clubs – 3’s a magic number

After some initial research, I’ve so far found three JETAA book clubs out there:

JETAA NY – just being revied by Michael Glazer and Jessica Langbein after a hiatus of a few years.  Having its first gathering this Wednesday evening (still time to rsvp!)

JETAA Northern California – same story, but with Melissa Chan playing the role of Michael and Jessica

JETAA Portland – Run by Lynnette Yasuda for the last 2 years, and with lots of success and fun.

I knew about NY and Northern California, but I just learned about Portland after getting a nice e-mail from Lynette who shared the following sentiment:

I think one of the best parts of the JETAA book club is that through the books we read, it sparks such interesting conversations about our own JET experiences in Japan – and I think that is what sets it apart from other book clubs. It’s very “natsukashi” if you know what I mean :)

Any other JETAA book clubs out there?  Let us know by posting a comment or by emailing jetwit /atto/ jetwit /dotto/ comYoroshiku!

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