Dec 4

Tadaima! #3 – Knocking on doors

My name is Rick Ambrosio (Ibaraki-ken, 2006-08).  And whether readjusting to post-JET life is something you’re facing now, will deal with in the future or if you just enjoy reconnecting with that awkwardly uncertain feeling you had when you got back from Japan, come along with me as I look for a new job, a new apartment, and yes, mow the lawn of my parent’s house.  Tadaima!

I scored my lucky seat on the train.  You see, on the LIRR, there is always a fold down seat right near the doors between cars.  Granted it wasn’t rush hour or anything, I just always love getting that seat.

I sat carefully in a futile attempt to not wrinkle the pants of my navy suit.  I also liked my orange tie that I picked up in the Harajuku Zara back in Japan.  I needed to dress to impress, because it was offense time.

I arrived in Penn station, and jumped onto the subway.  I took the 1 uptown and then the C down to 10th Street.  Two hours after I left my house I stood before the company I had applied to.  I checked my tie for what must have been the 20th time.  I passed the place once, then walked in.

A greeter met me as I walked in.

 “Hi, my name is Rick Ambrosio, I applied to this company about a week ago, I thought I would come down and introduce myself.  Is your manager or HR person in?”

With some slight confusion, she showed me to a seat and asked me to wait a moment. 

I was then approached by a tall man who asked me to come over with him.

I reintroduced myself and began discussing the position I applied for.  Yes I filled out the online application.  Sure I had a copy of my resume.  Yes I was in Japan for two years, it was great.  You’ll forward this to who?  When should I hear back?  I was recommended by…  He said I should drop by and – You don’t have any questions for m-…  okay nice meeting you as well.  Have a nice day.  Goodbye.

In under five minutes from when I went in I was tossed back out on the street again.  Maybe the HR woman would contact me?  (She didn’t.)

I made a quick call home. 

”Yeah Ma, I introduced myself, like the guy suggested.  I’ll be home for dinner……  I have three extra copies of the resume.  Yeah?……  Who should I give them out to, huh?  Random people on the street?  ……Sorry, right, right…… Love you too.  See you soon.”

I walked another block and looked down into the subway.  Another two hours of subways, trains, and car rides home.  I took a deep breath and looked around me at all the gainfully employed people on the streets.  “Shouganai,” I thought, “I’m at least getting a hot dog before I go home.”

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