Nov 10

JETAA NY Quarterly: Fall 2008 “Politics” Issue

JETAA NY has just published its Fall 2008 “Politics” Issue of its quarterly publications.  Click the image below to read.


  • Page 1…..JET Alumni Election Survey
  • Page 2…..Letter from the President
  • Page 3…..Comings & Goings
  • Page 4…..Translators Challenge
  • Page 5…..JETAANY Society Page by Yoku Shitteiru
  • Page 6…..Interview with Inuyama City Councilman Anthony Bianchi by Michael Glazer
  • Page 7…..Political Animals: Political Anecdotes from JET Alums
  • Page 8…..Stopping Political Robocalls: Interview with Shaun Dakin by Stacy Smith
  • Page 9…..How’s the Economy Treating You?
  • Page 10…A Trip to Mitsuwa Marketplace by Kirsten Phillips
  • Page 11…Interview with Novelist James Kennedy by Gina Anderson
  • Pages 12-13…Photos from Softball Tournament and Career Forum/Welcome Back Reception
  • Page 19…Concert Review: Akiko Wada at the Apollo Theater by Justin Tedaldi
  • Page 20…Film Review: Passing Poston & Yasukuni by Justin Tedaldi
  • Page 21…Book Review: Kenneth Pyle’s Japan Rising by Lyle Sylvander
  • Page 22…Top 14 Ways JETAA Would be Different if Obama or McCain Were Your JETAA Chapter President
  • Page 23…Index of Sponsors

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