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Stevenson, Craig (Hyogo-ken, 1989-91) – Fluent speaker of Japanese (non-native) with progressive experience setting up, troubleshooting and managing business, both domestic and international. Able to create almost instantaneous trust & rapport with a variety of global clients. Solid history in luxury home and apparel fashion. Creative and intuitive, yet with nuanced command of the interplay between the balance sheet and the bottom line. 

Chow, Janice “Momoko” (Saitama-ken, 2004-05) – Janice Momoko Chow is a multi-faceted Communications and Marketing Professional specializing in media relations and strategy, product development, digital media, business development, and insight & trends research as well as copywriting and editorial reporting.
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Ishikawa, Junko (New York) – Junko serves as a media business consultant for Stock Footage World and does research for She is a Certified Nihongo Instructor and teaches various business professionals in New York.  Originally from Tokyo, she is an accomplished interpreter as well as a seasoned Japanese-English translator and linguistic consultant with experience having worked for various organizations, including NGOs (Peace boat and Human Right Watch). She also does freelance English->Japanese translation assignments and freelance writing/journalism assignments.

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