Alprin, Scott (Aichi-ken, 1992-95)

  1. Trademarksman (Summer 2008 JETAA NY Newsletter)

Esikoff, Alexei (Fukushima-ken)

  1. Bye-Bye New York (Summer 2006 JETAA NY Newsletter)

Ferry, Julie (Prefecture, Years)

  1. The Knowledge Gap – The Guardian (9/26/08) – References her time on JET in a discussion of the evolution of the “gap year.”
  2. Full list of Julie’s articles on her website

Hiniker, Scott

  1. The White-Gloved Gaijin (Spring 2004 JETAA NY Newsletter)

Stott, Nigel (Fukuoka-ken, 1994-97)

  1. Alien Baby (Winter 2006 JETAA NY Newsletter)

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