Translation Agencies and Relevant Websites

Translation Agencies

  1. (ALC) The Mother of All Agency Lists
  2. Alliance Biz Translations (a division of Alliance Business Solutions) –
  3. Clover Legal Translations – Dont’ know anything specific about them other than that they’re based in San Diego.  Saw they had a posting under Craigslist San Diego seeking translators/interpreters for all languages.
  4. Congre – – Mostly interpreter dispatch
  5. Elanex – There is more potential work for people with legal, finance and technical backgrounds, but they have some cool software to make the process easy, and they pay fast! (Most J companies pay 2 months after the fact)
  6. Intergroup – – Some translation jobs but mostly interpreter dispatch JTC – One of Japan’s largest translation agencies
  7. Lionbridge – – The biggest one in the industry for all language pairs.
  8. MultiLing – – is a major provider of technical translations.  Adam Bigelow is the GM of their Japan office.  According to Adam, from time to time they hire translators with minimal experience as full-time employees and are always looking for experienced translators.
  9. – Translator’s cafe type page with user profiles etc
  10. Simul – Another big Japanese translation company
  11. ( – Provides Website localization, software localization, GMS (Globalization Management System) software products, and enterprise-level, professional translation services.
  12. Transperfect: ( – Provides a full array of language and business services, including Translation, Interpretation, Linguistic Validation, Transcription, Typesetting & Graphics, Multicultural Marketing, Voiceovers & Dubbing, Subtitling, Staffing Solutions, Document Management, Court Reporting, Virtual Data Room Services
  13. TranslatorsBase ( – A community-like agency on the web with a wide array of translation project listings, translation tools, and community forums. Members can use the forums and tools for free, but the agency requires a yearly subscription fee for posting bids on projects.

Websites for Finding Translation Work and Community

  1. Society for Writers, Editors and Translators (SWET) – Tokyo-based group founded in or around 1984 by Lynne Riggs and Ruth Stevens.
  2. Honyaku Home – Website: and Google Group: – A well-established site for Japanese translators, information and resources.
  3. Northern California Translators Association
  4. Translators Cafe
  5. (翻訳ディレクトリー)

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  • - More Translation Agencies Said on January 23rd, 2009 at 3:05 pm:

    […] translation agencies.  I’d already listed Transperfect (though not on the Translation Agencies page, but I thought it was worth listing them in a post as […]

  • - Good Translators Website: Said on January 24th, 2009 at 4:54 pm:

    […] I just learned about what I think is a great resource for Japanese -> English translators and posted it on the Translation Agencies & Relevant Websites page. […]

  • Adam Bigelow Said on February 13th, 2009 at 12:55 am:

    I recommend adding (翻訳ディレクトリー) to your list of websites for finding translation work.

    Also, MultiLing, ( is a major provider of technical translations. I am the GM of their Japan office. From time to time we hire translators with minimal experience as fulltime employees and are always looking for experienced translators.

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