Aug 6

Obon Classics: Special Lecture & Performance Event

The Japan Foundation will present a special lecture with Isaku Kageyama, Sumie Kaneko, and David Wells on some of the traditional Japanese musical instruments used for the Bon Odori, a summertime folk dance festival which is the highlight of a centuries-old Buddhist custom called Obon. This lecture will be focusing on the history of Japanese music, and will also cover the histories of taikoshamisen, koto, and fue.   

There will be demonstrations of traditional performances by the guest artists, and the various instruments will be played together at the end to showcase how they sound together to create Obon festival music.  

Live chat will be enabled on the YouTube stream, so guests can ask questions, and participate in the Q&A session during the stream.  

I would appreciate it if you could share this free event with your friends in the taiko community.   

Date and time: Saturday, August 15, 5pm EDT  

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YouTube link:  


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