Jul 13

JETwit’s JET Alum Movers & Shakers: Dan Lowe, Chiba-ken, 2011-2013

Daniel Lowe, Chiba-ken, 2011-2013

Accomplishment: New Website & Business in Intercultural Consulting

More Info: After spending six years at Showa Boston Institute as a Japanese intercultural exchange specialist where he developed, managed, and marketed programs for Japanese college students, Dan has decided to build a website to impart his knowledge to you all. His website specifically focuses on strategies to improve your Japanese language ability, increase your intercultural engagement, and ultimately grow more connected with Japan.

Public Contact Information:
Website: https://www.danknowsjapan.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-d-lowe/
Email: dan@danknowsjapan.com

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