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Job: Private Tutoring; Liberal Arts Class Teacher – お迎えシスター (Greater Tokyo Area, Japan)

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Job Title: Private Tutoring; Liberal Arts Class Teacher
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Greater Tokyo Area, Japan
Contract: Full Time

This job position was sent directly from the company:

Website: https://omsister.com/


  • Private tutoring for kids from 5 to 15 years old
  • Liberal arts class teacher for elementary school aged children


  • Able to speak English or other languages
  • Good with children
  • Can work for more than half a year
  • ¥2000~/hour(Includes transportation fee)
  • Tutors training program/year

Recruitment Process

  1. Apply
  2. Interview
  3. Results notified
  4. Contract

Please fill out the form: https://omsister.com/sister/

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