Mar 9

クール things JET alums do: dance in a flash mob

JET alum Lee-Sean Huang (ALT Oita-ken ’03-’06 / webmaster, & JetWit) was recently spotted in a flash mob music video for the dance pop girl group Xelle. You can spot Lee-Sean in the back of the train, dancing with the big spotlights.

Lee-Sean on the process of making the “Party Girl” music video:

For the “Party Girl” video, Xelle raised funds on Kickstarter, and got their friends to appear in the video. JC Cassis, one of the members of Xelle with whom I have collaborated before on other musical projects (including the remix and music video for her song “Can’t Stop,” where I also dance), approached me and asked me to be in the video. The cast spent over 20 hours together going over the moves and logistics of the video, both in dance studios, and on a moving train. Then we shot the video all in one go late one night on the N train in Astoria, Queens. It was hard work, but a real blast to make. It really was as fun as it looks in the final video.

Can’t Stop (Remix) from lee-sean on Vimeo.

Are you a JET alum who has done something cool lately and caught it on video?  Drop us a line in the comments.

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