May 26

Japan Local: Omagari All-Japan National Fireworks Competition 2016

Mel T (Aomori-ken, 2007-2012) is a Canadian living and working in Towada City, Aomori. For more information about events, sightseeing, restaurants, etc. in Towada City, and around Aomori Prefecture & Japan, visit her blog at

90th Anniversary All-Japan National Fireworks Competition 2016Every August, fireworks masters from across Japan compete in an impressive music and pyrotechnics show at the All-Japan National Fireworks Competition (Omagari Fireworks) along the Omono River in Daisen City, Akita Prefecture. This year marks the 90th anniversary of the event. Click HERE to read MORE.

May 26

Japan Local: Tohoku Rokkon (Six Souls) Festival

Mel T (Aomori-ken, 2007-2012) is a Canadian living and working in Towada City, Aomori. For more information about events, sightseeing, restaurants, etc. in Towada City, and around Aomori Prefecture & Japan, visit her blog at

Tohoku Rokkon Six Souls Festival 2016The Tohoku Rokkon (“Six Souls”) Festival is a two-day event where you can see six major Tohoku area summer festivals (one from each prefecture) all in one place!

It was created to encourage the revival of the Tohoku area after the Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami of 2011. This year marks the sixth and final year of the event. It will be held in Aomori City from June 25-26, 2016.

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May 14

Japan Local: Aomori Summer Festivals

Mel T (Aomori-ken, 2007-2012) is a Canadian living and working in Towada City, Aomori. For more information about events, sightseeing, restaurants, etc. in Towada City, and around Aomori Prefecture & Japan, visit her blog at

Goshogawara Tachineputa

Goshogawara Tachineputa

It is a hot and muggy August night, but the air is filled with energy and a sense of anticipation. Then the sounds of flutes, drums, and chanting shouts erupt as people dressed in happi coats, yukata and all manner of costume fill the street, and enormous glowing figures emerge from between the darkened buildings.

There are many festivals across Aomori Prefecture and all of Japan during the summer, but Aomori’s three biggest and most famous summer festivals are Hirosaki Neputa, Aomori Nebuta, and Goshogawara Tachineputa.

All three feature impressive night parades of neputa/nebuta–large lantern floats with images and themes drawn from Chinese or Japanese literature, history, or religion–pulled by large groups of people often dressed in special costumes and accompanied by music from flutes, drums, and hand cymbals. The groups pulling the floats also use special shouts (different for each festival) to keep both the participants and spectators energized.

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Aug 15

【RocketNews24】5 awesome Japanese ice creams that are perfect for summer

Posted by Michelle Lynn Dinh (Shimane-ken, Chibu-mura, 2010–13), editor and writer for RocketNews24The following article was written by Philip Kendall (Fukushima-ken, Shirakawa-shi, 2006–11), senior editor and writer for RocketNews24, a Japan-based site dedicated to bringing fun and quirky news from Asia to English speaking audiences.

5 awesome Japanese ice creams that are perfect for summer 【Video】

It’s the middle of August, and while the days we’ve been having recently aren’t quite as face-meltingly hot as those a couple of weeks ago, it is nevertheless still pretty toasty out there. Thankfully, just like when suffering with a cold or sore throat, the summer heat does afford us one very tasty luxury: a genuine excuse to gorge on delicious ice cream!

If you’re feeling the heat this summer, or are just curious about some of Japan’s go-to ice cream treats, join us after the jump for a special video featuring five of our frozen favourites.

You can pick up the five ice creams featured in our video from pretty much any supermarket or convenience store in Japan, so you’re never too far away from epic refreshment and creamy luxury. We must warn you, though: watching this video may cause uncontrollable salivation and pangs of jealousy in those living outside Japan.

This is of course just the tip of the vanilla-flavoured iceberg – there are tons more ice cream treats out there to try, so be sure to share your own favourites in either the comments section below or over on our YouTube channel. Happy gorging!

Jun 9

L.M. Zoller (CIR Ishikawa-ken, Anamizu, 2009-11) is the editor of The Ishikawa JET Kitchen: Cooking in Japan Without a Fight. A writer, web administrator, and translator, ze also writes I’ll Make It Myself!, a blog about food culture in Japan; curates The Rice Cooker Chronicles, a series of essays by JETs and JET alumni on the theme of cooking/eating and being alone in Japan; and admins The JET Alumni Culinary Group on LinkedIn.

New Rice Cooker Chronicles submissions always welcome. Just e-mail it to jetwit [at]


I probably don’t need to mention how much I love “weird” local flavors of ice cream. In fact, I’m not sure I really need to preface this post with an explanation about how soy-sauce ice cream sounds a bit odd to people unfamiliar with Japanese “savory” flavors used in sweet ice cream.



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May 3

Job: Tomodachi Summer 2012 SoftBank Leadership Program 05.03.12

Via Ayusa. Posted by Kay Monroe (Miyazaki-shi, 1995 -97).

***Note: If you apply for this position, please let them know you learned of it from JETwit. Thanks.***

Job Position: Teaching/Mentoring

Location: San Francisco, CA
Position: Part-time  (July 23 – August 11, 2012)
Salary:  $2,500
Hour: 8:30 AM – 12 PM
Program Description:

The Tomodachi Initiative is a public-private partnership supported by the US and Japanese governments to support Japan’s recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake. The goal of the program is to foster the next generation, a “Tomodachi generation” of doers, thinkers and creators who are invested in the future of U.S.-Japan relations. The program will support the students to appreciate our two cultures, and to cultivate globally oriented skills and mindsets needed to thrive and make a difference. Led by Ayusa International in partnership with the University of California – Berkeley’s Center for Cities & Schools, students will partake in a unique civic engagement and leadership initiative called Y-PLAN (Youth – Plan, Learn, Act, Now) aimed at preparing a group of 300 Japanese youth to be leaders of change and revitalization.

Selected teacher/mentors will each lead a team of 20 -25 Japanese high school students through the unique 5-step Y-PLAN course in community development and leadership. The Center for Cities & Schools will provide teachers with training and a step-by-step manual to guide the students through the Y-PLAN process.

The overall Tomodachi Program design incorporates community service projects, cultural enrichment activities, global skills training, and experiential learning. It promotes civic responsibility and commitment to communities and inspires future leaders to be agents of positive change. Additionally, the program equips participants to take local action on issues of international importance, to empower, inspire and prepare them to work to create a peaceful international community. Read More

Apr 17

Job: Part-time ESL Teacher position available (Seattle) 04.17.12

Via Pacific Northwest JETAA. Posted by Kay Monroe (Miyazaki-shi, 1995 -97).
Position: ESL Instructors

Posted by: Azumano International
Type: Part-time
Location: Seattle, WA
Salary See below

Start Date: N/A

Megan Woodward (CIR 2008-10, Sapporo, Japan) currently works for Azumano International, a small travel company in downtown Seattle that works with Japanese clients, including school groups. They have several programs coming this summer, more than in years past, and are sending out the call for part-time ESL instructors; JETAA members are encouraged to apply. Teachers are needed for 1 or 2 week periods from the beginning of August to mid-September.

Pay Rate: $25/classroom hour, $7/class day for materials reimbursement
Locations: UW campus or SPU campus
How to Apply: Send a resume to and they will schedule an interview.


Mar 22

Summer Internship Opportunity @ Keio Academy of NY

Internship Announcement (July 21st – August 8, 2010)

Keio Academy of New York, a not-for-profit private co-educational boarding school located in Purchase, New York, will be holding the 3rd annual “English-Japanese Bilingual/Bicultural Residential Summer Program” for students (boys and girls between ages 12- 15). We are anticipating to have 40 students from Japan and 40 American students to join this program. For the details of the program, please visit our website

We are currently seeking college and graduate student interns for this program.
Keio Academy of New York will provide to all the interns, on-campus housing, free cafeteria privileges and extra meal stipend. The school will also reimburse (up to $500.00) domestic transportation costs.
Please visit our web site for details. Application closes Friday April 2, 2010.
Any questions regarding our summer program should be directed to:

Carleen Ben (Oita JET 2006-2008)

Keio Academy of New York Summer Program 2010 Administrative Office

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