Aug 4

The latest video project by current JET Eliot Honda (Ehime-ken, Uwajima-shi), who previously created four videos about his JET town of Uwajima-shi:

“So here’s a preview show of a YouTube series I’ve been working on called Sister City Ties. It will show the sister city relationship between Honolulu and Uwajima.”

Jul 8

JETAA Philadelphia Subchapter rep Rashaad Jorden recently wrote the following article for the Japan Tourist website (a great example of JETs helping to promote “local” tourism for Japan):

Kamo Aquarium in Tsuruoka:  More wonderful water fun in Yunohama

(Click link to the article to see photos:

In a part of Tsuruoka renown for onsen and Yamagata Prefecture’s most popular beach, it’s quite fitting there’s another place where water brings out more fun. Only here animals are stars of the show.

Once threatened with bankruptcy, Kamo Aquarium in Yunohama has grown to become one of the country’s most popular aquariums, welcoming more than 220,000 visitors in 2011 (according to a June 2012 article on the Japan Times’ website). A remarkable number considering only 90,000 people visited Kamo in 1997, sparking rumors of the aquarium’s demise.

Much of the credit for Kamo’s revival goes to one creature: the jellyfish. Read More

Jun 30

Recently posted to the JETwit LinkedIn group by current JET Eliot Honda (Ehime-ken, Uwajima-shi):

“I created a playlist of all four ALT Introduction videos. It’s finally finished. Hope this helps folks coming to Uwajima, and maybe helps new folks coming on JET.”  Great job, Eliot!  O-tsukare sama deshita!

JETwit note:  It might also make for a good submission to Chris Allison’s (Oita-ken) project.  Bullfighting in Japan?  Who knew?  Uwajima JETs, apparently.

Any other videos by JETs about their areas?  JETwit wants to know about it.  E-mail:  jetwit [at]


Jun 26


JETwit recently posted a JETAA Hawaii article by chapter President Darryl Toma about Hawaii JET alums volunteering to support a visit by the Hiroshima City Mayor along with a visiting delegation from Hiroshima.

FYI, there’s also now an article in Japanese about Mayor Matsui’s visit on the Japan Local Government Center (aka CLAIR-NY) blog:


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