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Job: Seeking a Japanese native-speaker/collaborator on book project 05.01.12

Thanks to JET Alum Justin Moy for passing on this interesting opportunity about a unique book project. Posted by Kay Monroe (Miyazaki-shi, 1995 -97).
Position: Japanese Collaborator for ESL Book

Posted by: Daniel Gauss
Type: Full-time
Location: N/A
Deferred pay
Start Date: N/A

Author of an ESL book to be published in the Spanish-speaking world is seeking a Japanese collaborator to tailor the book for Japanese English-learners. The purpose of the book is for learners to acquire English idioms and vocabulary through reading English instead of relying heavily on line translations. For more information about the book on Amazon, click on the following link:

Job Responsibilities:
– Write chapter introductions in Japanese
– Add introductions in Japanese to the vocabulary sections
– Write up short explanations or translations of difficult English words in the text
– Aid in changing the main character of the book to a Japanese hero or heroine (Main character is currently
a young woman from Spain studying English in New York.)
– Aid in communication with Japanese publishers to publish book in Japan

Job Requirements:
– At least a bachelor’s degree
– Proficient in written Japanese
– English teaching experience in Japan (preferred)

– Deferred pay (If the book is published in Japan and earns a profit, you will receive 50% of the cut.)

Note: This can be discussed, but a percentage of the profit can be donated to a charity supporting Japan.

Contact: Please send credentials to the author, Daniel Gauss, by e-mailing him at

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