Mar 13

Graham Shelby (Fukushima-ken, Ishikawa-shi, 1994-97) has published a thoughtful piece on Fukushima, this one on Kentucky news site,, in addition to previous radio and written pieces he has done for NPR and other news outlets. “Quake, tsunami a year ago refreshed Kentuckian’s memories of time in Japan” By Graham Shelby – contributing write Posted:  12:00 AM […]

Aug 18

******************** Here are a few JET-related articles and radio piece written and produced in the past month by JET Alum Bluegrass Subchapter member Graham Shelby (Fukushima-ken).  (Thanks to Graham for sharing the info.) Graham went to Nashville at the end of July to interview some of the new JETs about to depart from the consulate […]

Dec 1

  Writer Graham Shelby (Fukushima 1994-97) recently teamed up with The Butcher’s Apron Radio Show to produce this full-on audio story (music, sound EFX, the whole thing) about a distinctly JET experience. “The Asakawa Christmas Party” tells the true story of a complicated Christmas party Graham and a few other American JETs attended at a Japanese elementary school. […]

Dec 9

By Filmore Ha (Ibaraki-ken, 2006-08), a graduate of Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Arkansas. Filmore continues to live and work in the Greater Tokyo Area and is webmaster for JETAA Tokyo. UPDATE: Added an additional news item. Good evening from Saitama! I’d had several things circulate my way recently so here we are with another […]

Mar 27

Fukushima perspectives by a Fukushima JET alum

Thanks to JETAA Bluegrass Subchapter rep Roy Harrison for sharing the link to the excellent article by Fukushima JET alum and journalist Graham Shelby: “JET Alum Graham Shelby put together a piece for the Louisville Courier-Journal about the experience of watching what’s happening in Fukushima from a distance that’s much greater geographically than it is […]

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