Aug 18


Here are a few JET-related articles and radio piece written and produced in the past month by JET Alum Bluegrass Subchapter member Graham Shelby (Fukushima-ken).  (Thanks to Graham for sharing the info.)

  • Graham went to Nashville at the end of July to interview some of the new JETs about to depart from the consulate there. Here’s a radio piece he produced that aired this past week on the public radio station here in Louisville.  (It’s short.)

  • Graham also put together a quick piece focusing on one of new JETs who happens to be headed to Fukushima.  It aired a few times on NPR’s national newscasts during Morning Edition on August 1.  They don’t archive the newscasts online, the newscaster’s intro sounded something like this:

“While many people are struggling to find jobs, hundreds of Americans, many of them recent college graduates, have found an employer eager to hire them – in Japan.  From member station WFPL, Graham Shelby has more.”

As Graham’s work demonstrates, there are clearly opportunities to find and tell compelling stories from the world of JETs and former JETs.  If you have any ideas, angles, upcoming events or possible outlets in mind, please feel free to contact Graham gshelby3 [at]

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  • Jennifer Said on August 19th, 2011 at 11:02 am:

    Graham was awesome to work with! He really reached out to us here at the Consulate about working up a story on our departing JETs. He was also very good about making sure we at the Consulate had info about the pieces when they were ready. Our Political section even picked up the stories and shared it back with our Culture section when it was in the local newspapers here. This is wonderful visibility for JET! Thanks Graham!!!

    JETAAMC Treasurer & Program Coordinator at the Nashville Consulate

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