Feb 4

Job: Associate for International Relations at Hokkaido and Alberta Govts.

[Steve’s Note:  Just received this from Hokkaido CIR Holly Long (who just received the listing herself and was asked to forward it). A great opportunity for a Canadian with JET-like experience to work in Hokkaido. Hopefully who likes the sport of curling, too. Please note the Feb 9 application deadline.]

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Position: Associate for International Relations
Posted By: Alberta Government and Hokkaido Government
Location: Hokkaido, Japan (Sapporo)
Type: One-year, full-time internship


Alberta Abroad is an international work experience initiative of the Government of Alberta that places talented Alberta post-secondary graduates into short-term work placements (externships) with an international host organization. Alberta graduates will develop their specialized skills and gain international work experience through their externships. Read More

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