Feb 4

Job: Associate for International Relations at Hokkaido and Alberta Govts.

[Steve’s Note:  Just received this from Hokkaido CIR Holly Long (who just received the listing herself and was asked to forward it). A great opportunity for a Canadian with JET-like experience to work in Hokkaido. Hopefully who likes the sport of curling, too. Please note the Feb 9 application deadline.]

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Position: Associate for International Relations
Posted By: Alberta Government and Hokkaido Government
Location: Hokkaido, Japan (Sapporo)
Type: One-year, full-time internship


Alberta Abroad is an international work experience initiative of the Government of Alberta that places talented Alberta post-secondary graduates into short-term work placements (externships) with an international host organization. Alberta graduates will develop their specialized skills and gain international work experience through their externships.

The Extern will work in two divisions of the Hokkaido Government:

International exchange duties will be assigned in the International Affairs Division, and Sports promotion duties will be assigned in Hokkaido in the Culture and Sports promotion Division.


  • Education: No specific specialization is required as long as the Extern is a graduate of an institution of advanced education.
  • Language skills: Conversational Japanese, i.e. intermediate level for speaking and listening.
  • Other: The Extern should be interested in sports. Curling experience is preferable.


More infromation about the position and how to apply can be found here: http://albertaabroad.com/externship/associate-for-international-relations-hokkaido-japan/#.UvA2mmJ_u0c

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