Apr 26

JET Author: Bruce Feiler’s latest on living with cancer

You may have seen his face on The Colbert Report or his byline in The New York Times, but the bestseller Bruce Feiler got his start after college in JET.  His first publication, though, was spurred by his experience in Japan as a JET teacher in the inaka: Learning to Bow: An American Teacher in […]

Sep 1

*************** This just in from Feiler, Bruce (Tottori-ken, 1989-90), author of the original JET book Learning to Bow as well as a number of other best sellers such as Walking the Bible, Abraham, and Where God Was Born: A Note From Bruce Feiler On October 6th, my new book America’s Prophet: Moses and the American […]

Aug 21

Announcing JETwit Anecdotal Article Series!

JETwit Anecdotal Article Series is new feature by Jayme Tsutsuse (Kyoto-fu, 2013-2014). Jayme is a JETwit Job Manager and organizer of Cross-Cultural Kansai. She’s starting a new chapter in NYC and excited to explore new career opportunities. Hi everyone! Here at JETwit, we love it when JETs share stories of their experiences in Japan. That’s why we’re bringing back […]

Feb 9

By Filmore Ha (Ibaraki-ken, 2006-08).  Filmore continues to live and work in the Greater Tokyo Area as an FAE and is also webmaster for JETAA Tokyo.  He is actively seeking new opportunities in the U.S. or Canada. Back today with another roundup of JET related news after a brief hiatus.  This roundup will include items from last month as […]

Jul 11

JET ROI: Top Ten “Best of JQ” Articles That Support Our Cause

Wondering how JET alums give back to the community and make new connections with Japan after their work on the program is over? JQ Magazine Editor Justin Tedaldi (Kobe-shi CIR, 2001-02) has compiled a list of ten relevant articles from the past two years that exemplify the dedication of our members. 2010 May/June – Bruce Feiler interview (an author who’s probably the biggest “JET celebrity” out there. Wrote […]

May 18

It’s a veritable JET literary review in the new issue of JQ, featuring an interview with bestselling Learning to Bow author Bruce Feiler and three-time Stephen Leacock Medal winner Will Ferguson! Click here to view. Additional contents below. Thanks to JQ editor Justin Tedaldi (Kobe-shi CIR, 2001-02) for another solid issue. Contact Justin if you’d […]

Dec 4

*************** The JET alumni community already has a great reputation for writers such as Bruce Feiler, Roland Kelts and James Kennedy among others.  And now we’re starting to make our mark on the world of film as well. JET alum Aaron Woolfolk‘s film The Harimaya Bridge, starring starring Ben Guillory, Saki Takaoka, Misa Shimizu, and […]

Jul 25

Learning to Bow…in Iraq?

Just heard an NPR interview with Wesley Gray, the fluent-in-Arabic author of Embedded:  A Marine Corps Advisor in the Iraqi Army, and it struck me that it might be the Learning to Bow:  Inside the Heart of Japan for current day Iraq.  Learning to Bow by best-selling author Bruce Feiler (Tottori-ken, 1989-90) was the original […]

Jun 2

JETAA Canada National Conference Keynote Speech – May 30, 2009 – Toronto By Steven Horowitz (Aichi-ken, Kariya-shi, 1992-94) IMPORTANCE OF COMMUNICATION Minasan, Ohayo gozaimasu. 1.  First, I’d like to thank JETAA Canada and Gloria Ma and everyone else involved with this conference for inviting me here to speak today.  As an American, I have to […]

Mar 10

JET Alumni Author Section at Kinokuniya – more photos

Here are a few more photos from the photo-op last Friday to promote the JET Alumni Author section at Kinokuniya in anticipation of the JET Alumni Author Showcase (set for March 22; e-mail authors at jetaany dot org to rsvp). The books featured include: Japanamerica – Roland Kelts (Osaka-shi, 1998-99) The Order of Odd-Fish – […]

Mar 8

Kinokuniya sets up JET Alumni Author section

In anticipation of the upcoming JET Alumni Author Showcase (set for March 22; e-mail authors at jetaany dot org to rsvp), Kinokuniya has set up a table featuring books by JET alumni authors.  The table is on the ground floor in the main aisle, right by the magazine section and features the following books: Japanamerica […]

Sep 24

HOLY JET PROGRAM! Stories of Religion from Our Days as JETs (Spring 2006 Issue) When I was in Osaka in the mid-1980s while a student at Kansai Gaidai, I was living with a Japanese family.  It was spring and Passover season arrived. My parents sent over a Passover Survival Kit, complete with matzah.  The father […]

Sep 21

*Newest Additions to the JetWit Blog Roll* Chow, Janice – Momoko Mashups Iwasaki, Marcia (Osaka-fu, 2001-06) – Based in Toronto, Ontario, Marcia does children’s book illustrations and graphic design.  Read her blog here:  http://web.me.com/miwasaki1/Art_of_Happiness/Blah_blah_blog/Blah_blah_blog.html Mel – (Aomori, 2008~) – Mel’s Adventures in Japan Rogers, Steve – Northern Tohoku Exposure Sakamoto, Sean – (Gifu-ken, 2008~) – […]

Nov 22

Seeking JET alumni authors

Are you a JET alum?  Have you ever written a book?  Do you know of any JET alumni who have authored a book? JetWit is trying to track down any and all JET alumni authors, well-known and obscure.  If you’ve ever written a book or know of another JET alum who has, please e-mail any […]

Sep 21

Ackerson, Aaron (Prefecture, Years) – http://www.aaronackerson.com/index.html.  Also, good blog (no longer active) at http://www.aaronackerson.com/weblog/ – Humorous songwriters Bennett, Earth (Aomori, 2000-03) – http://www.angelfire.com/comics/esid/ – Cartoon entitled Every Situation is Different, written during his time on JET. Bernstein, Joshua – (Kumamoto-ken, 2006) http://www.jewinjapan.com/ Bianchi, Anthony (Aichi, 1989-91) – http://www.bianchi-inuyama.com/ – Website of the first North American […]

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