Nov 6

Life After JET: William Agor

By Jon Dao(Toyama-ken, 2009-12) for his podcast Discussions with Dao. Jon works as a speech coach and personal trainer.


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Here’s an interesting one– William reached out to me after I made the Leaving Home (Again) video. He’s another former JET who could relate, so of course I invited him to talk about his experiences more. Here’s the breakdown of what’s discussed:

Why do JET? [1:00]

Was it worth it? [6:50]

3 Years, “The Sweet Spot” [12:45]

Would you go back? [23:00]

Advice for Returning JETs [27:15]

Option: Relocate [32:45]

Throwing Yourself a Pity-Party [39:30]

You can reach William here: genkinagaijin [at]

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