Aug 3

Life After JET: A Teacher’s Edge Now Known

The transition back home after Japan… isn’t the easiest. Several of us have had our share of reverse culture shock, and the career adjustment is some of the nastiest frosting to top off some “What Am I Doing With Me Life?” cake.

Recently on JETwit, we’ve started the Job Hunter Project series. And we hope with the expansive JET Alum networks, someone just might know someone who might know someone.

Frequent job poster Jon Dao (Toyama-ken 2009-12) decided to address this issue head on in KCRW’s 2nd Annual 24-Hour Radio Race. In this contest, entrants are tasked to create, edit, and promote a short 4 minute audio piece within a day.

This year’s topic was “You Should Know”.

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In the aftermath, here’s what Jon had to say:

“Usually I’m pretty keen in interpreting things to my advantage, but I really struggled with this topic. It turns out the only thing I found myself able to draw from was this job switch. With the time constraint, I didn’t really do it justice. I think the clincher should ring true with a lot of people though… and who knows? Maybe it’ll open up the eyes of at least one company out there.”

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