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The latest issue of JQ (JETAA NY Quarterly) Magazine has hit the stands, and now Editor Justin Tedaldi (CIR Kobe-shi, 2000-01) working on the next issue and seeking writers.  Read on for more info.  (It also actually stands on its own as a great list of JET-relevant things and interesting JET alums.)

Hi, Brainstorm Crew!

Hope everyone’s enjoying the start of spring (a link to JQ’s new issue is here in case you haven’t seen it yet).

Thanks always for your contributions and ideas and feel to link the new issue to your own sites/blogs to help promote us.

We are also taking on new writers if you’d like to provide some “local international coverage” of your chapter to appear in our pages. Contact me at for details.

Some of you have already signed up for stories at our quarterly meeting in February, so the below deadlines are the same (let me know how those stories are coming along). Here are the ideas needing takers for our May/June 2010 issue and beyond. De wa
Deadlines are as follows:

FRIDAY, APRIL 2: Registering a story assignment with me at, or pitching an idea of your own for approval. First come, first served, and all suggestions are welcome. We’ve been picking up more new writers with each issue, and I encourage all first-timers whether you consider yourself a seasoned writer or not. (Just mind the deadlines!)
FRIDAY, APRIL 23: Deadline for submitting a final draft of your story. Extensions will be granted on a case-by-case basis, less so for new writers.
I would also greatly appreciate added assistance for the following:
REVIVE THE SOCIETY PAGE!: Are you a superJET who’s up-to-date on what’s happening in the lives of our members here in New York and elsewhere? I’d like to bring back the JETAANY Society Page with your help. I would carry this feature in every issue, to run at least half a page (600 words). E-mail me for more details and we’ll talk.

COPY EDITING/PROOFREADING: For those of you who like reading this thing cover to cover. Multiple times.

AD SALES CALLS: More sales means more JETAANY-sponsored events.  It takes under two minutes to get an answer in most cases.  Write for more info.
YOUR OWN STORY IDEAS: Anything’s fair game! Some of our most interesting material comes from suggestions from our more dedicated readers.

Now the fun stuff. Below are the story ideas. Thanks for reading and providing your support, and e-mail at with any other questions/ideas.



TOP PICK FOR A STORY! Help out the consulate to teach more young people about Japan . This is a decade-plus program run by New York ’s Consulate General of Japan that sends consulate staff (American and Japanese) to New York high schools and junior high schools to introduce students to Japanese culture. Back in January, I participated as a volunteer and enjoyed taking part in a Q&A with a very enthusiastic anime/manga club and faculty. The purpose of this article will be to increase awareness of the program so more JETAA members can get involved.


From Japan Society’s homepage: Feast on everything Japan Society has to offer at j-CATION, a day-long event taking over Japan Society’s theater, gallery, lounge, and classrooms.
Take your taste buds on a trip to Japan as the first-ever j-CATION digs into the theme of Japanese food.  Feast your eyes on Edible Cinema, drool over innovative bento box creations, and enjoy how-tos, tastings, and unexpected pairings of speakers throughout the day.  Authentic and unusual drinks and bites satisfy cravings of the curious.  The evening explodes into a feeding frenzy of music as the delicious sounds of Asobi Seksu deliver the main course.  A D.J.’s mouthwatering, sweet beats rock j-CATION into the night.


For JET foodies! Attendees will receive a 10% discount by the promoters.

This festival—which is all about Asian food and will be held over three nights in different Manhattan locations—is being produced in collaboration with an acclaimed Culinary Council of chefs – Daniel Boulud, David Chang, Eric Ripert, Tadashi Ono and many more–and is focused on celebrating the influence of Asian culture and cuisines in America.


Salon Series is an ongoing program of informative and educational lectures, lecture-demonstration and performances aimed at those who are interested in deepening their knowledge of the performing arts of Japan . The series is held on Sunday afternoons three times a year at Tenri Cultural Institute, and will perform at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden ’s annual Sakura Matsuri in early May.  I can put you in touch with SS’ president, who is also an accomplished Japanese dancer and performer.

Sakura Matsuri is New York city ’s “rite of spring,” a phenomenal weekend celebrating Japanese culture with over 60 events and performances. Enjoy contemporary and traditional Japanese music and dance, taiko drumming, ikebana flower arranging, Japanese DJs, presentations on the art of manga, tea ceremonies, and workshops for all ages.


JET alumnus David Boling has announced his candidacy for the 2nd congressional seat in Arkansas . Support your fellow alum with a profile and a story about his campaign efforts!


Profile. Take advantage of Japan Information Center to promote Japan !
The Japan Information Center (JIC) is the cultural and public affairs section of the Consulate General of Japan in New York . The JIC’s Services:
– Distributes educational materials, posters and pamphlets on Japan
– Provides speakers on various aspects of Japan to the schools throughout
this region
– Provides information on the Japanese Government Scholarships & the JET
– Distributes the e-newsletter Japan Info
– Loans videos/DVDs and cultural artifacts
Please sign up to subscribe Japan Info here:
For more information and to contact JIC, please go to the website here:


Earlier this year NYC’s Asia Society held a concert called “Hogaku,” or Japanese folk instruments played with modern flair. We’ve never profiled Asia Society, so this would be a great time to find out more about how they select their Japanese attractions and exhibitions.

Japan Society’s Spring 2010 Performing Arts Schedule – Kyogen, etc.

This season features kyogen (this weekend!) live theater and music.  Am open to profiles/reviews of any of the following listed at the page below.

Exhibit: Kuniyoshi Monster Prints at Japan Society – REVIEW

Graphic Heroes, Magic Monsters: Japanese Prints by Utagawa Kuniyoshi from the Arthur R. Miller Collection, March 12-June 13, 2010, at Japan Society Gallery

Thrashing sea creatures, samurai warriors, and a giant, looming skeleton are among the distinguishing subjects of the brashest of Japan ’s Ukiyo-e masters, Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797–1861), whose populist oeuvre is to be presented by Japan Society Gallery from March 12 to June 13, 2010.

Fresh from its spring 2009 showing at London ’s Royal Academy of Arts, where it was the surprise smash hit of the season, Graphic Heroes, Magic Monsters: Japanese Prints by Utagawa Kuniyoshi from the Arthur R. Miller Collection marks the first major exhibition of Kuniyoshi’s work in the United States in nearly 30 years.  The exhibition has been organized by the Royal Academy in collaboration with Arthur R. Miller and The British Museum.  The vast majority of the 150 color woodblock prints on display are from the Arthur R. Miller Collection, New York , generously loaned to Japan Society by the American Friends of the British Museum .


Sacha Battrick works in the JET Programme Management Department
for the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR) in Tokyo . If you’ve ever wondered just what a Programme Coordinator does, here’s your chance to do a profile and tell the rest of the JET universe.


John is a noted lecturer on sake who travels the world to speak all about this appealing beverage. He just published a new eBook entitled Japan For Sake Lovers. Profile John by e-mail and maybe he’ll send you a gratis copy of the book to help boost the piece!

ISSHONI LONDON – JET Alum Vanessa Villalobos

London JET alum’s blog: events, news, review and interviews. I met her back in December and this would be a good Q&A piece for any JETs wanting to learn more about how our alumni groups operate overseas.


This site deals with J-pop and culture in the U.S. They hosted this neat event at Kinokuniya in December. Profile.

Rate J-Pop Christmas Songs at Kinokuniya: Sat. Dec 19th!

Samurai Beat Radio will be participating in Kinokuniya Bookstore’s big Christmas Raffle event on Sat. Dec 19 starting 1pm.

It’s “Samurai Beat Radio presents Rate the J-Pop Christmas Songs!”.

Vote online now! Find and hear the selections here on SBR blog!!


Annual concert featuring indie acts from Japan , which just wrapped up last week in Manhattan after swinging through the SXSW festival. I can put you in touch with the organizer if you’d like to do a profile on the show itself or any of the individual bands.

Lineup: Red Bacteria Vacuum / Omodaka / JinnnyOops! / Okamato’s


Echostream appeared at last spring’s New York Anime festival.  Their singer is Japanese and they’ve performed at such venues like Bowery Ballroom.  Profile.

Superglorious is an NYC based event producer that produced the FETES ’09 rock concert following last September’s New York Anime Festival.  They live events with music lovers in mind with a Japanese twist.  From their homepage: Music is energy, music is spiritual.  Our goal is simply to push the limits of what is being done live and blow minds…

Hayden Brereton


I’ve never seen the hit show, but I understand that it’s featured several prominent Japanese and Japanese American actors who speak plenty of Nihongo as the scenes call for it. Any fans of the show out there who care to do a commentary of whether or not it’s authentic and/or a good example of “cool Japan”’s soft power in the American mainstream?


Laura is a current JET (Mie-ken 2008-) who writes fantasy and science fiction for

children and young adults, and is an occasional playwright/film maker.

Here’s one of her short stories titled “In theShadow Realm” –

Here’s a documentary she made in Malawi (on


To read about her amazing adventures all over Japan , check out her her blog:


Stephen (Fukushima-ken, 2004-08) is currently living in Japan post-JET, and has helped honcho Steven Horowitz in posting jobs that are currently up for grabs in Japan . Would make a nice JETlog profile.

Matt (Akita-ken, ’98-’99) is the editor of online art listings and reviews site NY Art Beat (

). Even though it covers the NYC art world, it has a strong connection to Tokyo . Profile.


An innovative telecommunications site for Team Teaching, founded by a JET.


I’m interested in a piece that talks about the challenges new returnee JETs face after coming home and looking for work in this economy, as well as other JET alums considering new jobs or just looking for work.  This could be as simple as anecdotes (along the lines of our “How’s the Economy Treating You?” feature from fall 2008), but I’d like to turn this into an actual feature story, with at least three volunteers providing the details. And if you happened to have found a job in this economic climate, share the joy to give the rest of us some hope!


Melissa C. runs JETset, a site for Canadian JETs in Japan and the number one Web site for JET participants. Site profile.


Kirk Akahoshi is a life coach and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner who is also currently pursuing a marriage and family therapy license. He leads the “Quarterlife Crisis Workshop” and would make an interesting subject for the self-employed/entrepreneur JET alum angle.


Dan is a prefectural advisor in Akita-ken.  Would make a good profile (to learn just what a PA does) or JETlog profile piece.

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