Mar 11

James Kennedy “Librarian” essay sets blogosphere atwitter

Following James Kennedy’s (Nara-ken, 2004-06) recent post of his essay describing the heretofore unpublicized lifestyles and rituals of librarians (a “cult” of which Kennedy’s own wife is admittedly a member) in connection with the American Library Association’s awarding of the “Best Book for Young Adults” to Neil Gaman, author of Coraline, rather than Kennedy’s The Order of Odd-Fish, the blogosphere was atwitter with commentary about Kennedy, who will be appearing in NYC March 22 for the JET Alumni Author Showcase along with Roland Kelts (Osaka-shi, 1998-99) and Robert P. Weston (Nara-ken, 2002-04)).

The Handless Poet’s Maria Alexander said:

I’m buying James Kennedy’s book, The Order of Odd-Fish.  I’m buying it entirely because of this blog post.  James Kennedy could quite possibly be the funniest man in America.

School Library Journal’s Elizabeth Bird wrote:

Bad news for my husband. I have just fallen head-over-heels in love with James Kennedy, author of the YA novel The Order of Odd-Fish. Ladies and gentlemen of the liking men variety, I advise you to be very careful in reading this blog post of his which tells (in a fashion) of his experience with the last ALA Media Awards. He had me at “conniving sidelong lope” and now I feel compelled to read every damn word the fellow has ever written, starting from the early scribbles he scrawled out as a toothless mewling babe. Ba-bump goes my little heart. I also feel inclined to give him a bad review with the sole intention of hoping that he will write about me and do complicated things with my name. As I read through it I almost want to dedicate this entire post solely in the purpose of getting you to read this blog. Go. Now. Read. This. Man.  I, for my part, am off to read his book.  Even if it is YA.

Grow Wings’ Laini Taylor said:

I’m not even finished reading THE MOST HILARIOUS BLOG POST I HAVE EVER READ — I felt such a powerful compulsion to rush over here and tell you to read it too. Oh my god. I’m reading this post the same way I read James Kennedy’s amazing debut novel, The Order of Odd-Fish (which I reviewed HERE) — which is: agape, and wishing I was reading it with someone so we could be agape together. I think that is the ideal way to read James Kennedy: in pairs or groups, so you can exclaim, “Listen to this!” and “Oh. My. God,” and, repeatedly, “How did he think of that?” and there is somebody there to agree with you. I think it would be very satisfying. wrote:

Yesterday I had never heard of YA author James Kennedy, nor his book, The Order of Odd Fish.  Today I think he is one of the most awesome people in the world, and his book may be the next one I buy.  This is entirely due to a blog post he wrote for no other reason than to celebrate a teenage fan of his work who spoke at an ALA meeting wearing a fish hat.  A blog post that is, in fact, a 4000 word short story celebrating his young fan while revealing, among other mysteries, that all of Neil Gaiman’s books are written by bees and the head of the American Library Association goes about clothed in the skin of A. A. Milne.  America, Emulate This Man has completely won me over.

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