Aug 9

Job: Guide Job for Exchange Program

Via JETAA Pacific Northwest. Posted by Kay Monroe (Miyazaki-shi, 1995 -97).
Position: Guide Job for Exchange Program
Posted by:  The Laurasian Institution
Type: Short term
Location:  Seattle, WA
Start Date: N/A

The Laurasian Institution of Seattle, WA is seeking guides for groups of 25 participants visiting the United States from Japan between October 2012 and March 2013.  Groups will be comprised of 24 high school students and 1~2 adult chaperones.  Groups will visit the United States for a period of 11 days, including sightseeing in two major cities (either Seattle & San Francisco or Washington D.C. and New York City) and a homestay in locations throughout the country.

Guides will meet groups at the airport in the arrival city (Washington D.C or Seattle), lead them through scheduled orientation and sightseeing activities, accompany them to the homestay location and departure city (New York City or San Francisco), and see them off at the airport. Read More

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