May 5

Job: Secretary to Senior Diplomats, The Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations (NY) 05.05.12

Via Permanent Mission of Japan. Posted by Kay Monroe (Miyazaki-shi, 1995 -97).


Position:  Secretary to Senior Diplomats
Posted by: Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations 国際連合日本政府代表部
Type: Full-time
Location: New York, NY
Salary: N/A
Start Date: N/A

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
1. Manage appointment schedules and prepare daily and weekly schedule for senior diplomats
2. Respond to telephone calls, both incoming and outgoing, with efficiency and professional etiquette
3. Coordinate logistics/protocol for conferences, meetings, briefings, receptions, and other official functions
4. Draft and prepare letters and diplomatic correspondence
5. Prepare and mail invitation cards for official functions
6. Prepare and mail greeting cards for senior diplomats
7. Prepare table cards and tray cards for luncheons and dinners
8. Research topics related to the United Nations and Japan as required by the Mission staff members
9. Update and develop contact information including the bio of VIPs as well as invitation list databases
10. Receive and sort incoming mail
11. Assist as a receptionist at official functions
12. Receive guests and serve tea
13. Respond to inquiries
14. Receive dictation from senior diplomats, take accurate and quick notes, and keep records or write up summaries as required Read More

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